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Raleigh Little Theatre
Contributing Members

1936 Legacy Society

Velvet Rattelade
Clifford & Janet Raynor
Leigh Ann Wilder and John B. Holding
Donald and Bonita Scott
David and Judi Wilkinson

Raleigh Little Theatre is grateful to the following individuals, companies and private and public funding agencies that have invested in live, community theatre and arts education. This list reflects gifts to the general needs of the theatre of $100 or more between July 1, 2021 – July 1, 2022.

Corporate Partners

Back-to-One Acting Studio
Baker Roofing Company
Barnhill Contracting Company
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina
Capitol Broadcasting Company/WRAL-TV5
Capital City Civitan Club
Coastal Federal Credit Union
Duke Raleigh Hospital
First Citizens Bank
Girl Scouts - North Carolina Coastal Pines
Goulding Construction
Hillsborough Street Community Services Corporation
in situ studio
Medical Mutual Holdings, Inc.
Medlin-Davis Cleaners
North State Bank
Poyner Spruill
Principled Technologies
Raleigh Brewing Company
The English Garden
Walton & Maready Orthodontics
Witherspoon Woodworks
Yardi Systems

Foundation and Government Partners

Bell Family Foundation
City of Raleigh Arts Commission
Charles W. Gaddy and Lucy Finch Gaddy Endowment Fund, a component fund of the North Carolina Community Foundation
John William Pope Foundation
Mary Duke Biddle Foundation
North Carolina Arts Council
North Carolina Community Foundation
The Stewhead Family Fund
The Warner Fund
The W. Trent Ragland Foundation
United Arts Council of Raleigh & Wake County


Alec and Georgia Donaldson^
Amy and John Bason
Cece and Peter Scott
Chancy and Keith Kapp
David, Elaine and Alyssa Petrone*
Herbert Huene
Jan and Jim Robles
Jim and Cantey Tanner
Mark and Lisa Hoskins*
Melissa Hancock
Mike and Maggie McGee*^
Peter and Nancy Watkins Dimitrios*
Phyllis Parish and Seab Howard
Rick LaBach
Rosemary and Smedes York
Ruth Bromer and Joseph Huberman Charitable Fund/North Carolina Community Foundation
Scott Falmlen and Paul Fox
Shelley Crisp
Tana Shehan^
Velvet Rattleade


Becky and Peggy Johnston^
Bethany Hagan
Bonnie and Don Scott
Clifford and Janet Raynor
Daniel Hall
David and Carol Carlson
David Wilk
Ed and Fran Anderson
Eliza Olander
Freyja and Magnus Sindemark
Gail G. Smith
Greg and Jenny Anglum
Jean Gross and Don Miller
Jesse R. Gephart
Jim Allen and Timothy Locklear
Joe Ferguson
Julia Truelove^
Kathy Mauney^
Leslie Ann Jackson
Natasha Gore
Pam Swanstrom
Steve and Lisa Zaytoun
The Awesomettes
Tina Morris-Anderson and Paul Anderson
Tucker Bullock


Alan Hymowitz and Olivia Fried
Amelia Lumpkin Household
Amy Blackwell^
Barbara Biggs
Carl Griffith
Charles and Cheryl Hall
David and Devon Bennett^
Debra Schafrath
Donna Strickland
Elaine Miller
Gail Morfit
Heather and Aaron Strickland^
Jackie Locklear
Jamie Ayscue
Janet Christenson
Jeff Kochuk
Jim and Carolyn Hammerle
John Riedy
Kathleen Burkett
Kathleen Curie Hall
Kelley Keats
Kirk Smith
Melanie Monchick Household
Nicole Rogers
Pamela Townsend Household
Rick and Jeanette Jackson^
Rob and Linda Grew
Roland Batten*
Ruth Freeman
Sam and Karen Spilman*
Stephen and Ann-Marie Gerney*^
Tippy Thornton
Tony and Elli Gemma
Walker Sherk
Warren and Judy Keyes^
Wes Saunders and Laura Jasmine


Adrienne Kelly-Lumpkin
Alex Keyes
Amita Desai
Andrea Nixon
Betsy Bates^
Casondra Hunter
Cheryl and Joe Wolozyn
David and Ann Permar
Dena and Charles Silver
Douglas Holbrook
Elizabeth Deloache
Emmett Aldredge
Jeff and Julie Brooks*^
Joyce Rothchild^
Joye Groff
Karen Morgan Williams
Kathy Lagana and John Gerwin
Kay and Lynda Mowery*
Larhe Spell
Leigh Bleecker
Linda and Paul Bamford
Link by Link
Lise Osvold and Robert Miller
Lorna Knick
Mary Rowland^
Natalie Turgeon
Neil and Mary Saunders
Pete and Mary Catharine Eberhart
Rhonda Raney
Rob Maddrey and Mark Tulbert
Robert and Evelyn Larson
Robert and Shirley Abernethy^
Ronzel Bell
Ruth Gross and Hans Kellner
Sandra Deutsch Crane^
Sarah Preston
Starr Markham
Stephanie Perri
Steven Epstein
Suzan Smith
Suzanne Ruggles
Suzy Purrington
Terry Haggerty^
Tina and Lee Clyburn
Tracy Abercrombie Household
Vincent Moss
Warren English
William Gilkeson
Yolanda Rabun


Abigail Jordan
Ali Goins
Aliana Ramos
Amber and Jason Garcowski
Anastasia Sabarsky
Andrew Gibbons
Andrew Holton
Angela Spain
Ann Haigler
Annetta Hoggard
Barbara and Michael Walsh
Benji Jones
Beth McGalliard
Bill and Sandra Boyd
Blythe Strickland
Bob and Linda Cyrus
Brian Westbrook
Caralyn and Bob House
Catherine Williams
Cathy and Jim Stuart
Charles J. Phaneuf
Christine Grant
Christine Siwan
Christopher Page Household
Dan Bain
Danielle Taylor Household
Dave Sniffin
Dawn Burtt
Deb Royals-Mizerk
Del Flack
Derreth and John Kavanagh
Diane Petteway
Dimitri Eliopoulos
Doris Huebner
Douglas Richmond
Dr. Fred Sanborn
Earl Singleton
Edna Hensey
Elizabeth Droessler
Emilie Sigel
Emma Beckham
Erika Grams
Erin Debnam
Erin Witcher
Frank Sparks
Fred Watke
Gail Hemedinger
Gary O. Leach
Gerald Pottern
Glenda Carter
Goetz Household
Grant and Lucinda Gainey^
Hanz Thestral
Helen Hagan
Holiday Childs
J. Paumier and M. Gumpertz
James Vestal
Jan Rush
Janelle Jennings-Alexander
Janet Bottoms
Janet Moyer
Jason Lano
Jennifer Cornell
Jennifer Grigas
Jerome Brown
Jessica Foster
Jessica Griffin
Jill Yonowitz
John and Jackie Phelps
John Coggin
Joy Walter
Judith and Lanford Peck
Judith Szustakowski
Julie Florin
Karyn Harrell^
Katie Warner
Kelly Kuss
Kenneth Marks
Kerby Baier
Kevin Norsworthy
Kjell Terrell
Kristen Gulish
LaToya Smith
Laura Parker
Lauren Van Hemert
Lee and Sunny Allen
Leon and Staci Sabarsky
Leslie Aloud
Lil Galphin
Linda and Mike Rafferty
Linda Sparks Household
Linda Wellnitz
Lisa and Ray Behrens
Loy Chipley
Lucille Lea
Margaret Link
Margaret Madewell
Martha and Bill Lamb
Martin Streicher
Mary Ashley
Mary Chris Easterly
Mary Styers
Megan Farrell
Meghan MacGregor
Melvin Woodland and James Merrill^
Michael and Lisa Sandman
Neeraj Saraiya
Noreen Fitzmaurice
Pam Martin
Pat Moore
Pat Roos
Patrick Torres
Paul George
Paula Bridges
Penny Amato & Bernard Eckhardt^
Phillip Smith
Preston Hopkins
Randy and Chris Thomson^
Rebecca Crosson
Rebecca Easley^
Rebecca Lassiter
Rhonda Irwin
Richard and Sara Loeppert
Richard Hendel
Robert and Connie Shertz
Ron and Aleta Ash
Ron and Renee Crowson
Ronald Hayes Jr
Rose Troyer
Roxanne Hicklin
Samuel Shelton
Sandra Watson
Shannon Eddleman
Shannon Price
Shelia Arms
Sherry Hunter
Sonja Perkins
Sonya Callaway
Stan Paskoff
Steve and Martha Derbyshire
Steve Melkerson
Susan and Joseph Stimmel
Susan Kimbrell
Suzanne Chaploney
Ted Hopkins
Terrance Woodyard Household
Thomasina O'Neal
Tom and Peggy Eifler*
Tracy Birdwhistell
Treggie Roy
Victoria Nevois Household
Vijay and Kamlesh Gupta
Vincent Genna
Wyatt Booth
Yvonne and Michael Anderson


*These patrons support RLT and their employers generously match their gifts.

^These patrons are RLT Sustainers and support RLT with automatic recurring donations.

For more information about investing in RLT, contact Thea Cola  by email at Thea@RaleighLittleTheatre.org or via telephone at 919-821-4579 x 230.

In Honor of…

Dennis Berfield and Emily Denison
Freyja Sindemark
Georgia Donaldson
Heather Strickland
Leah Bason
Maddie Behrens
Patrick Torres
The dedicated staff at RLT and all you do!
Vic Bell, Jr. and Fairley Bell Cook
Warren and Judy Keyes

In Memory of…

Bobbie Liles Campbell
Elizabeth Grimes Droessler
Felix Poole
Linda O'Day Young
Lisa Permar Ham​​
Lois Andrews
Jack Hall
Patrick Hancock
Rebecca Myer
Sharon Pigott
Sheila Denn
Sophia Walsh
Tom March and his daughter Karin March Jones